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Why finance at Novel Motors?

Here we make financing fast and easy

Novel Motors makes the financing process as easy, honest and as hassle free as possible. With us, you won't spend hours on waiting to be approved, our approvals are nearly instant and our customers love it! In an age where everything almost instant, why shouldn't financing be the same?

At Novel Motors you'll get an affordable payment and competitive terms for a wide range of credit situations, whether you have good or challenged credit.

Want a quote but don't have time to come in? Just fill our an online credit application and in minutes you'll receive a call from one of our credit specialists

who is ready to answer any one of your questions, including quoting a payment.

Honesty and fairness is our top concern, that's why we only finance with financial institutions that are known for their good business practices. Another priority is protecting our customers information. Our online credit applications have military grade encryption which is virtually hack-proof. Safeguarding your personal information is of extreme importance to us.